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Inter Page Light-Signal Software

The Inter Page Light-Signal software is a communication and information interface that provides a clear visual representation of all staff and patient activity throughout your office in a single display interface. Easy to use and interpret by staff, our system is discreet to patients through the use of a combination of light-buttons and audible tones.

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Inter Page Light-Signal SoftwareWith the Inter Page Light-Signal Software, all office/facility communications appear simultaneously on every workstation. Every workstation has the same universal overview that allows tracking of patient skews, room status, pages, and the location of providers. Inter Page Light-Signal Software allows you to discreetly notify staff where and when they are needed, inform them of when a procedure is needed or complete, identify which patient needs to be seen next, and how many patients are waiting for each provider. Our software is easy to customize for any type of practice.

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Reduce Stress While Increasing Productivity and Profits

The Inter Page Light-Signal Software was developed from over 34 years of experience working with our medical industry clients and is a substantial improvement over traditional hardware-based light-signal communication and nurse call systems of the past. Installation and setup is quick and easy and the software automatically connects your facility’s computers to each other. Inter Page Light-Signal Software supports touchscreens and tablets, texting, and custom analytics. The Inter Page Light-Signal Software will grow right along with your practice.

Inter Page provides professional service and support to all of our healthcare clients and will guide you through installation, customization and training.

Key Features

  • Signal patient arrivals for providers and display how many are waiting
  • Page doctors and/or staff to rooms with the push of a button
  • Allows staff activity to revolve around the needs of the doctor
  • Universal real-time view of staff and patient activity
  • Create customized layouts using between 9 and 25 light buttons
  • Text message specific rooms using presets or custom messages
  • Compatible with Windows™ PC’s and Windows™ tablets
  • Easy to implement; installation and training only require one hour

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  • Pricing for 1-15 computers
  • Pricing for 16+ computers

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