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With the Inter Page wireless paging system, you can notify a parent if they are needed at the nursery in a quick and discrete manner. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their precious little lambs are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment while they are attending church activities.


The Inter Page Silent Page Desktop paging system is an excellent tool for Church Nurseries. The parent is issued a small pager that will have a vibrating alert if the parent is needed at the nursery. This system is quick and reliable and has a 1/2 mile radius, so parents can be paged anywhere within the Church campus.


The numeric LED display has the ability to show a 3 digit number. This display can be used with the Silent Page Tone or the Silent Page II numeric transmitter. This simple yet effective display is used in many churches throughout the country.


The Inter Page alphanumeric LED display is a paging receiver that displays scrolling data sent from the Silent Page Alphanumeric Desktop paging transmitter. This paging transmitter comes equipped with a keyboard that will allow the nursery staff to enter either a name or a specific number to notify the parent they are needed at the nursery. The LED display sign has the capability to display the message for a pre-determined amount of time and has the capability to toggle between several messages.

USB – Alphanumeric Messenger Single User Software
Windows Based Messages: Alphanumeric Paging Format:: POCSAG RF Output Power: 150mw Freq: 410-490 MHz Baud Rate: 512/1200/2400 bps Housing Size: 3.55″ X 9″ X .63″
Silent Page Alpha
Silent Page Alpha
The Silent Page Alpha system has an open air range in excess of one mile. Up to 100 canned messages can be programmed in Silent ...
Silent Page Numeric Transmitter
Silent Page Numeric Transmitter
Plug and play UHF 1 watt paging transmitter Covers radius of up to one mile Numeric LCD display Works with numeric pagers, coaster pagers and ...
Silent Page Tone Only paging System
Silent Page Tone Only Paging System
Up to 1 mile radius 899 Pager Capacity Large Backlight LCD Display Sends Alerts to Pagers or Coasters
Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Unread message reminder alert every 3 minutes Battery voltage measuring function Date and Time display Smart LCD screen that displays 112 x 32 dots, Message ...
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Bundle Includes: 15 Coaster Pagers 1 Silent Page Tone Transmitter 1 Coaster Charging Base View our individual Coasters
REC-10 Rechargeable Numeric Pager
Top Read Loud Buzzer, Strong Vibration (Custom Programming) AA Battery Back-light Display Reminder Alert Low Battery Indicator Display 12 Digits REC10 Rechargeable Numeric Pagers REC10 ...
28″ Alphanumeric Wireless LED
Wireless LED Pager Display Signs 28″ Alphanumeric Wireless LED The LED Display signs receive messages like a standard pager. Send Custom Alphanumeric Messages automatically from ...
Hornet Numeric Pager
Large LCD display, 12 digits and 10 icons 16 message memories, 25 digits per memory, total 400 digit memory capacity Time stamp (12/24), week, day ...

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