Many VA hospitals throughout the U.S. are using our Paging Systems in emergency rooms, primary care, outpatient, pharmacies and transportation depts. Our Paging Systems are currently being used by the U.S Government in the following agencies; Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals, U.S Embassy’s, Homeland Security, Dept of Education, Department of the Army, U.S Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S Coast Guard, NATO, U.S Marine Corps, Military Combat Support Hospitals, Air Rescue Squadrons in Iraq, and Afghanistan.





Our in-house paging systems are used in Hospitals, Government and Commercial Facilities, Restaurants, Assistant Living, Nursing Homes, and other Medical Facilities.

Our experienced professionals can assist you in selecting the right paging system for the right job. We offer specific paging systems for Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical & Dental Offices, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

Commercial Paging Systems

Inter Page’s Commercial Paging Systems serve industries that demand immediate and reliable communication.  Our wireless paging transmitters interface with and provide pocket paging for such systems as Jeron, Nursecall, Dukane Nursecall, Roam Alert, Tektone, Nursecall, Win-911, and many more.

Pagers for Healthcare

Inter Page’s Healthcare Paging Systems / hospital paging software keep patients, nurses, physicians, maintenance workers and support staff all on the same page through fully integrated pc paging software customized to your facility’s needs. On-site computer paging systems and pocket paging systems interfaced with nurse call systems and PC’s let patients contact their caregiver in under two seconds – with the caregiver always knowing the exact location of the patient.

Inter Page’s pendant and pager is used in many of the assisted living facilities and nursing homes as well as private homes to help with a loved one’s care. The pendant will send a message to staff and/or caretaker that assistance is needed.

Enterprise 101 Software

Inter Page has recently released the newest version of Enterprise 101 On-Site Messaging Software with a new  ‘Alert Button’  feature. Enterprise 101 Text Messaging Software allows you to perform messaging from multiple workstations on a LAN or WAN. It also lets you schedule text messages to be delivered any time of day or night and records all messages with time and date stamp.

Best Restaurant Pagers

Our popular on-site restaurant paging system provides immediate communication between management and staff as well as between staff and customers.  Our newest product is the Three (3) Button Table Call.  There is a button for Service, Bill, and Cancel.  More customer satisfaction will continue to bring them back.

INTERPAGE Wireless Messaging Systems…    As efficient as you need them to be

From large, multi-departmental corporate settings and busy smaller businesses to hospitals, restaurants, hotels, churches and everything in between, that provide smooth, efficient communication that make the whole process work better. When everybody’s in touch, time is saved, things get done, customers are happier.