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Enterprise 101 Network Paging Software

Being able to communicate with the members of your staff quickly and efficiently is extremely important to your business. The Enterprise 101 windows base paging software will benefit your business by streamlining the communications between staff and customers. It enables you to communicate with your staff discretely with a text message to an Alphanumeric Pager, a Coaster Pager, a smart phone, and most email addressable devices. In addition, you can send a message to an LED Display Sign announcing a sales promotion or a welcoming greeting to your customers.

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  • Send custom messages to Staff pagers, cell phones, Email Addresses, and Wide Area Pagers
  • Message retrieval and message history
  • Reminder messages and schedules calls
  • Simple ‘Click & Point’ user interface
  • Eliminates overhead paging

Note: Unlimited User License Includes free Browser Client
Enterprise Email Interface – Receive messages and send them to staff pagers
Enterprise 101 Email Interface is both an email client (able to send emails) and an email server (able to receive an email for dispatch to mobile recipients).

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