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Wireless Paging Systems

Wireless Paging Systems

Pager systems for a variety of applications

Inter Page offers a variety of Wireless Paging Systems that will enhance communication within your facility. Our on-site paging solutions use state of the art technology in order to deliver information quickly and efficiently. Increase your staff’s productivity, eliminate overhead paging and promote a quieter environment. Best of all, there are no monthly fees.

Commercial Paging Systems

Inter Page’s Commercial Paging Systems serve a wide range of industries that demand immediate and reliable communication.

Pagers for Healthcare

Inter Page’s Healthcare Paging Systems keep patients, nurses, physicians, maintenance workers, and support staff all on the same page through systems customized to your facility’s needs. On-site computer paging systems and pocket paging systems interfaced with nurse call systems and PC’s let patients contact their caregiver in under two seconds – with the caregiver always knowing the exact location of the patient.

Paging Systems for Restaurants

Our popular on-site restaurant wireless paging system provides immediate communication between management and staff as well as between staff and customers.

Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Unread message reminder alert every 3 minutes Battery voltage measuring function Date and Time display Smart LCD screen that displays 112 x 32 dots, Message ...
Emerald IV Alphanumeric Pager
4 or 8 Line Alpha Display (user selectable). Rechargeable (optional) 31 Message memory Manually programmable 8 Manually Programmable Capcodes Memory retention, memory back-up during battery ...
Diamond IP67 rated Rechargeable Alphanumeric Pager
Diamond IP67 Rated Alphanumeric Pager
IP67 Rated (Dustproof, Waterproof) Antibacterial Housing OLED Display (View Messages in any light) 8 Manually Programmable Capcodes 4 or 8 Line Alphanumeric Display (user selectable). ...
Big Z-200 Desktop/Vehicle Pager
Big Z-200 Desktop/Vehicle Pager
Pocsag/Synthesized Adjustable Volume, Loud Buzzer 6 Keys Operation, User Friendly Interface Four Line, available Zoom-In to Two line Options: 3 AAA Rechargeable Battery for back ...
Digital Display Frequency: 445 – 460 MHz Baud Rate: 512/1200 pbs Tone, Vibrate and 14 Flashing LEDs Programmable alert length and Type of Alerts Six ...
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Bundle Includes: 15 Coaster Pagers 1 Silent Page Tone Transmitter 1 Coaster Charging Base View our individual Coasters
Gold Alphanumeric Pager
Gold Alphanumeric Pager
4 lines, 84 alphanumeric one page display 16 memory slots Reminder Alert/Zoom Feature Selective PC or Hand Programming Intrinsically Safe Gold A/N Pager Holster Gold ...
Paddle pagers for medical bundle
Paddle Pager Bundle for Medical
Bundle Includes: 10 Paddle Pagers 1 Silent Page Tone Transmitter 1 Paddle Pager Charging Base View our Individual Paddle Pagers.
Individual Paddle Pagers
Individual Paddle Pagers for Medical
Free Shipping! Tone, vibrate, and flashed (6 LED) alert Over the air "off" Each charger can hold up to 10 Paddle Pagers Each adapter can ...
REC-10 Rechargeable Numeric Pager
Top Read Loud Buzzer, Strong Vibration (Custom Programming) AA Battery Back-light Display Reminder Alert Low Battery Indicator Display 12 Digits REC10 Rechargeable Numeric Pagers REC10 ...

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