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As your business grows, you need a better way to communicate with the staff without interrupting or inconveniencing your client’s experience. The InterPage Salon Paging System is an invaluable tool for your Spa or Hair Salon. It is an efficient and convenient way for the reception desk to communicate with the salon technicians when their clients arrived, running late or if the appointment has been canceled without having to walk away from the front desk. Not only can stylists be more attentive with current clients, but also the front desk staff is freed up to focus on customers in the reception area.


The Inter Page SilentPage Desktop paging systems are an excellent tool for Salon and Spa establishments. It will streamline the communication with your staff and overall increase customer satisfaction. The SilentPage Paging System is very reliable, transmits the signal within seconds to a pager, and is available in the following formats, Alphanumeric, Tone Only, or numeric.


The Staff Call Salon paging system is a great tool for the front desk and salon technicians to communicate. At the push of a button, the front desk can send a signal to the technicians to notify them their clients have arrived. The StaffCall paging system is reliable, quick, and easy to use, it comes equipped with 9 or 16 buttons that can be programmed to transmit an alphanumeric, numeric or tone only signal to one or more pagers.

USB – Alphanumeric Messenger Single User Software
Windows Based Messages: Alphanumeric Paging Format:: POCSAG RF Output Power: 150mw Freq: 410-490 MHz Baud Rate: 512/1200/2400 bps Housing Size: 3.55″ X 9″ X .63″
9 Button Staff Call Paging System - Front
9 Button Staff Call Paging System
9 Button on-site paging system is designed to directly page staff in under 2 seconds. The individual call button features can transmit an Alert to ...
16 Button Staff Call Paging System 8920 - Front
16 Button Staff Call Paging System 8920
On Site Paging System is designed to directly 
page staff in under 2 seconds. The Individual call button features can transmit an Alert to a ...
Silent Page Alpha
Silent Page Alpha
The Silent Page Alpha system has an open air range in excess of one mile. Up to 100 canned messages can be programmed in Silent ...
Silent Page Numeric Transmitter
Silent Page Numeric Transmitter
Plug and play UHF 1 watt paging transmitter Covers radius of up to one mile Numeric LCD display Works with numeric pagers, coaster pagers and ...
Silent Page Tone Only paging System
Silent Page Tone Only Paging System
Up to 1 mile radius 899 Pager Capacity Large Backlight LCD Display Sends Alerts to Pagers or Coasters
Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Enterprise 2/4 Line Button Programmable Alphanumeric Pager
Unread message reminder alert every 3 minutes Battery voltage measuring function Date and Time display Smart LCD screen that displays 112 x 32 dots, Message ...
Diamond IP67 rated Rechargeable Alphanumeric Pager
Diamond IP67 Rated Alphanumeric Pager
IP67 Rated (Dustproof, Waterproof) Antibacterial Housing OLED Display (View Messages in any light) 8 Manually Programmable Capcodes 4 or 8 Line Alphanumeric Display (user selectable). ...
Gold Alphanumeric Pager
Gold Alphanumeric Pager
4 lines, 84 alphanumeric one page display 16 memory slots Reminder Alert/Zoom Feature Selective PC or Hand Programming Intrinsically Safe Gold A/N Pager Holster Gold ...
REC-10 Rechargeable Numeric Pager
Top Read Loud Buzzer, Strong Vibration (Custom Programming) AA Battery Back-light Display Reminder Alert Low Battery Indicator Display 12 Digits REC10 Rechargeable Numeric Pagers REC10 ...

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