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Paging Software

Desktop-based paging system management

Our wireless paging systems and software integrate seamlessly with many types of equipment found in the manufacturing environment. Paging software can monitor Fire panels, PLC's, assembly line equipment, and provide text-based messages to on-site Alphanumeric Pagers, LED displays, smart phones, wide area pagers, and most email addressable devices.

Inter Page Light-Signal Software

Inter Page Light-Signal Software

With the Inter Page Light-Signal Software, all office/facility communications appear simultaneously on every workstation. Every workstation has the same universal overview that allows tracking of patient skews, room status, pages, ...
USB – Alphanumeric Messenger

USB – Alphanumeric Messenger Single User Software

Windows Based Messages: Alphanumeric Paging Format:: POCSAG RF Output Power: 150mw Freq: 410-490 MHz Baud Rate: 512/1200/2400 bps Housing Size: 3.55″ X 9″ X .63″
PC Paging Software

Enterprise 101 Network Paging Software

Send custom messages to Staff pagers, cell phones, Email Addresses, and Wide Area Pagers Message retrieval and message history Reminder messages and schedules calls Simple ‘Click & Point’ user interface ...

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