Restaurant Pagers

Restaurant Paging Systems

Restaurant Paging Systems are the perfect tool to help your restaurants improve customer service and increase your overall profits. Wireless Paging Systems can be extremely helpful in a fast-paced environment where quick decisions have to be made in order to please your customers. Increase productivity with our Coaster pagers for waiting guests, to Table Call System for communication between your guests and serving staff, to the ChefCall System for communication between the Kitchen and serving staff.

Coaster Pagers

Our coaster pager systems are reliable, easy to use and quick to respond. Most of all, there are no monthly fees. Your guest will have the freedom to roam about, or visit the bar area for a cocktail while they are waiting to be seated. This will translate into more profits for your business.

Table Call Paging System

When your guests are seated, they will be delighted to see that with the push of a button they can request service, or the bill. The Table Call system is a small 3-button transmitter that can be placed on each restaurant table. Each button is programmed to signal a receiver Wrist Watch with the table number and an indicator for service, the bill, and a cancel service button in case the guest accidentally pressed it.

Server Call Paging System

The server call paging system is a great tool for the kitchen staff and your waitress/waiters to communicate. At the push of a button, the kitchen staff can send a signal to the servers that the food is ready, thereby improving the efficiency, and avoiding mishaps with the food getting cold. The ChefCall paging system is reliable, quick, and easy to use. It comes equipped with 9 or 16 buttons which can be programmed to transmit a signal to one or more pagers. 

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