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Server Paging

9 Button Staff Call Paging System - Front

9 Button Staff Call Paging System

A unique message is programmed in each button of this system and transmitted directly to a wireless alphanumeric or numeric pager. The wireless transmitter has a powerful 1.5-watt UHF transmitter that provides ample coverage. The transmitter is used in Restaurants to notify servers that food is ready for pickup. It can also be used in an Exam Room to notify staff that their assistance is needed. Any industry can use this wireless paging system when simple yet effective communication is needed.

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16 Button Staff Call Paging System 8920 - Front

16 Button Staff Call Paging System 8920

Each button is programmed with a unique message to transmit directly to a numeric or alphanumeric pager. The transmitter can be mounted in an exam room, kitchen or any area needed to alert staff.

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Numeric Pager

Hornet Numeric Pager

Large LCD display, 12 digits and 10 icons 16 message memories, 25 digits per memory, total 400 digit memory capacity Time stamp (12/24), week, day and month (calendar) display function Message stamp function Auto on/off function Three sets of alarm clock timer setting Duplicate message indication Unread message indication (every 10 minutes) Option to delete…

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REC-10 Rechargeable Numeric Pager

A rechargeable numeric pager that is top-read, battery-powered, and features a loud buzzer or strong vibration (custom programming).

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