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InterPage Enterprise 101 Network Paging Software

Turn any PC on you LAN into a wireless paging terminal with the Enterprise 101 Network Paging software. Using the software allows you to enhance your operational productivity by delivering messages from your Desktop PC to On-site Pagers, Wide Area Service Pagers, Cell Phones and Internet Email using the Windows Client software or your Internet Browser.

InterPage Enterprise 101 messaging software allows users to configure a pager recipient list that contains on- pagers, wide are pagers or internet email addresses. The recipient groups can be pre-configured in the Server application or configured at the individual clients.

The Web interface, included at no charge with the unlimited user version of Enterprise messaging software turns any computer or smart phone on the network into a paging terminal without having to install the actual client software on a computer.

You can also program a unlimited amount of canned messages for quick paging from any PC.

Enterprise101 messaging software has a open air range of a radius of two miles, and 100% of the paged messages will be received in the coverage area, unlike overhead public paging systems, where up to 30% of the messages are missed due to out of range issues, noise or simply not paying attention to the page

A powerful Z-100 paging transmitter is the standard transmitter used with the Enterprise 101 messaging software. Software, hardware and pagers are warranted against manufactures defects for one year. 

Single User Alphanumeric Messenger Software

Our single user messenger software is a simple yet effective way to communicate with staff. The software uses a ½ watt USB Transmitter that is very portable. Many customers use this software and transmitter combo with a portable laptop. The transmitter is strong enough to cover up to a ¼ mile radius. The software allows for an unlimited amount of canned messages and recipients. This software is a perfect communication tool for a small office environment. If you need to cover a large building, simply adding a 5 watt repeater will boost the coverage radius up to 1 mile or more clear line of site.


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