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Portable Silentpage Transmitter

Many Yachts use our wireless silent page transmitters to provide a fast and reliable method of communication between guests and staff. The wireless transmitters are strategically located throughout the Yacht allowing the owner or guest to call for service. The transmitter is available in a 1, 4, or 8 button model allowing you to choose which one will work best in the area it is needed. Each button of the transmitter is programmed with a specific message.


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  • A one touch solution to alert an alphanumeric or numeric pager instantly.
  • Portable Wireless Transmitters comes in 4- button, and 8-button models.
  • Each button is programmed to send a specific pre-programmed message to a pager.
  • The pre-programmed messages can be as long as 130 alpha or 2000 numeric characters.

Portable Wireless Transmitter – 1 Button (Product Number 1160A)
Portable Wireless Transmitter – 4 Button (Product Number 1160B)
Portable Wireless Transmitter – 8 Button (Product Number 1160C)
Programmer (Optional) (Product Number 1160D)

Silent Page Numeric Transmitter w/Telephone Interface (DTMF) (Part Number 1164D)

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