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Z-500 Single Port Paging Transmitter

The Inter Page Z-500 is a powerful 5-watt UHF paging transmitter that will interface with any software capable of delivering a data string via serial port using any of the following communication protocols: TAP, COMP1, COMP2, and SCOPE. The transmitter has a pager data base with capability of 9999 pager addresses and can deliver messages to alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, desktop pagers and LED Displays.

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2/5 watt Alphanumeric Paging Transmitter

  • Single RS-232 Serial Com Port
  • Supports TAP, COMP1, COMP2, SCOPE Protocols
  • Support POCSAG Alphanumeric, Numeric and Tone/Vibrate Messaging
  • Available in UHF Models (400-430 MHz and 440-470 MHz) or VHF (148-174 MHz)
  • Programmable Serial Com Port Settings and Protocols
  • Compatible with Nurse call Systems such as Jeron, Dukane, Tektone, Rauland-Borg, Roam Alert and more.

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