Wireless Nurse Call Buttons

Wireless Nurse Call Buttons

Wireless nurse call button pendants are used to call for assistance in less than two seconds. Messages are delivered directly to an alphanumeric pager or LED receiver.

  • Wireless Nurse Call Buttons are used to call caregivers in 2 seconds or less.

  • Frequency: 410~490MHz. 1 Channel Crystal controller.

  • Baud rate: 512bps / 1200bps / 2400bps.

  • Message: Numeric and Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character).

  • RF output 10 mW (+10.0 db).

  • Battery: Type 23A Alkaline battery.

  • Programming I/O: via USB with P/C.

  • Size: 3.15″ X 1.65″ X .0.71″

  • Housing Color: White

  • Model Weight: (with battery) 1.12 oz

5 Watt Wireless Data Repeater (Part Number 2680)

Wireless Pendant with Necklace (1-19) (20 or more)
Wireless Pendant Wall Mount (Included)
Programming Software includes USB Cable (Optional)
Wireless Repeater

Product Number: 2018

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