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Silent Page Numeric Transmitter

The Inter Page Silent Page Desktop Numeric system is an excellent tool for your business. It will improve communication with your staff. Send a numeric message to your sales, or service staff anywhere within your premises. The numeric system works well with the REC10 Rechargeable Numeric pagers.

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  • Plug and play UHF 1 watt paging transmitter
  • Covers radius of up to one mile
  • Numeric LCD display
  • Works with numeric pagers, coaster pagers and vibrate only pagers
  • Page individual or groups
  • Supports up to 899 pagers
  • Works with standard 120 volt AC current
  • PBX – Telephone Interface (optional)

Silent Page Numeric Transmitter w/Telephone Interface (DTMF) (Part Number 1164D)

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