Dental Care Pagers

Dental Care

Inter Page Wireless Paging Systems will enhance your Communication and Efficiency to deliver a better patient experience in Dental Care Centers. Our Staff Paging System will enable your Dental Office and Administrative staff to be in constant contact to ensure the patients are getting the best service they deserve.

Staff Call Paging System

The Inter Page Staff Call Paging Systems such as the 9 button exam room call or the 16 button exam room are used by doctors to notify staff when help is needed. Each button is programmed with a custom message (Patient Ready, Dental Assistant, Doctors, Hygienist, X-rays needed, etc.). With a simple push of a button, help is summoned in two seconds or less with detailed information as to who and what type of help is needed in the exam room. The Messages are transmitted in alphanumeric or numeric data formats and can be received by one pager or a group of pagers.

Coaster Pagers

Streamline the patient waiting area with a Silent Page Tone Only and Z-15 Coaster wireless paging system. Coaster pagers are handed to customers as they arrive and wait. When it’s time for them to be seen simply input the assigned coaster number on the transmitter and press send. The patient’s coaster will vibrate and flash. The process is simple, fast and HIPAA compliant.

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