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Patient Paging

Patient Paging

Digital Display Frequency: 445 – 460 MHz Baud Rate: 512/1200 pbs Tone, Vibrate and 14 Flashing LEDs Programmable alert length and Type of Alerts Six ...
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Z-17v2 Coaster Bundle
Bundle Includes: 15 Coaster Pagers 1 Silent Page Tone Transmitter 1 Coaster Charging Base View our individual Coasters
Paddle pagers for medical bundle
Paddle Pager Bundle for Medical
Bundle Includes: 10 Paddle Pagers 1 Silent Page Tone Transmitter 1 Paddle Pager Charging Base View our Individual Paddle Pagers.
Individual Paddle Pagers
Individual Paddle Pagers for Medical
Free Shipping! Tone, vibrate, and flashed (6 LED) alert Over the air "off" Each charger can hold up to 10 Paddle Pagers Each adapter can ...

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