17″ Wireless LED Pager Display

Wireless LED Pager Display Signs – 17″ Numeric Wireless LED

  • Ideal for NurseCall, Commercial, and Industrial Applications such as hotels, office lobbies, shopping malls, theaters, factories, warehouses & churches.

  • The LED Display signs receive messages like a standard pager.

  • Send Custom Alphanumeric Messages automatically from NurseCall Systems, Emergency Alert Systems & Alarm Panels. Use Inter Page’s Enterprise 101 Software to send a message from any PC. Use Inter Page’s SilentPage Alpha Desktop Transmitter with keyboard to send alpha messages to any LED Sign up to a one mile open air range . Selectable scroll speeds. Memory will hold up to 24 messages. Selectable audio alert for each message.

  • Internal Clock (Optional)

17″ Numeric Wireless LED Display

Product Number: 1343

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