Table Call for Restaurants

Table Call

Our table call products are a great way to let customers communicate with their server. The 3 button Table call Transmitters allows the customer to call for the bill, ask for service or cancel the last call. No more waiting for the server to walk by or yelling their name over the noise of a loud crowd. The messages from the table call transmitter are sent to a strategically located LED sign, or a convenient wrist receiver worn by the server. 

3 Button Table Call Transmitter

The 3 Button Table Call Transmitter is used to quickly get your servers attention. The message is transmitted to the server in two seconds or less. The transmitter allows the customer to call for the bill or notify the server that the table needs service. The call to the server can also be canceled by pressing the third button on the transmitter. 

Table Call Wrist Receiver

Serves are quickly notified that their customer is in need of their service. The wireless wrist receiver will receive the number of the table in need and distinguish between a service call and bill call. Once a the cancel button is pressed on the 3 button transmitter, the message will remove itself from the wrist receiver. 

Table Call Numeric LED Sign

A strategically placed Table Call Numeric LED Display is a very efficient way to notify a server that the customer needs them. The LED is bright enough to be seen from 130 feet away. The sign has the ability to distinguish itself between a call and bill message. It has an adjustable volume level and can store and display up to 20 service calls in the order they are received. 

Table Call Wireless Repeater

Increase the distance of your 3 Button Table Call Transmitters with the Table Call Wireless Repeater. The repeater is easily mounted and will extend the transmission range of the Table Call transmitters up to ½ mile.

Table Call Button Base

A very convenient way to display the Table Call Transmitter is to use the Table Call Button Base. The transmitter can be mounted to the base of the holder. There is also room to place a menu or a type of advertisement in the clear plastic paddle included with the purchase of the Table Call Button base.


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