Server Paging for Restaurants

9 Button Staff Call Paging System

Do you want an efficient and reliable way of notifying wait staff that the food is ready for the table they’re serving? The 9 Button Staff Call Paging System is the perfect solution. 

The paging transmitter will send a pre-programmed canned message to a numeric or alphanumeric pager in less than two seconds. Simply press the button next to the name on the 9 Button Staff Call Paging transmitter and the wait staff’s pager will vibrate immediately.

The transmitter is used to notify a maximum of nine wait staff or eight wait staff with the ninth button used to send a message to all pagers. 

16 Button Staff Call Paging System (#8920)

Need to notify more than nine wait staff from the restaurants kitchen? The 16 Button Staff Call Paging System model # 8920 is a great solution. This transmitter has all the features of the 9 Button Staff Call Paging System with the added bonus of more buttons. Pressing the button next to the server name will activate their pager in 2 seconds or less. This allows them to pick up the customers food quickly and delivery it to the table as fast as possible.

The sleek design of the 16 Button Staff Call Paging System # 8920 allows for easy mounting where space might be an issue in the kitchen. 

16 Button Staff call Paging System (#7900)

The 16 Button Staff call System model # 7900 has all the features of our model # 8920 plus the added bonus of 3 more buttons for a grand total of 19. This model has a larger horizontal shape that allows more space for wait staff names. As in our other models each button is pre-programmed to alert a specific pager or a group of pagers depending on your needs. This model can also combine with an additional transmitter to create a cancel panel.

Table Call Products

Our table call products are a great way to let customers communicate with their server. The 3 button Table call Transmitters allows the customer to call for the bill, ask for service or cancel the last call. No more waiting for the server to walk by or yelling their name over the noise of a loud crowd. The messages from the table call transmitter are sent to a strategically located LED sign, or a convenient wrist receiver worn by the server.

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