Guest Paging for Restaurants

Coaster Pagers

Our coaster pager systems are reliable, easy to use and quick to respond. Most of all, there are no monthly fees. Your guest will have the freedom to roam about, or visit the bar area for a cocktail while they are waiting to be seated. This will translate into more profits for your business.

Paddle Pagers

Paddle Pagers are used with a wireless paging transmitter to alert guest that their table is ready. The Paddle Pagers are a great way to advertise a small menu to your customers as they wait. When activated the Paddle Pager will flash, vibrate and beep to alert the customer that their table is ready.

Silent Page Tone Paging Transmitter

The Silent Page Tone Paging transmitter is a state of the art UHF desktop paging transmitter. Silent Page Tone has an open air range in excess of one mile, but will not cause any interference with any existing wireless, sound of visual equipment located in most Restaurants. This is the standard paging transmitter used to alert Coaster Pagers and Paddle Pagers.

Silent Page II Paging Transmitter

Silent Page II Paging Transmitter is used to send numeric messages to numeric pagers or the 17”Wireless Numeric LED display sign. The messages are received by the pagers or numeric LED sign in two seconds or less. Silent page Tone uses a powerful one watt transmitter and has an open air range in excess of one mile. 

17” Wireless Numeric LED

Do you have customers that wait in line? Do you take orders and then hand the customer a receipt with a number? If so you can use a numeric LED display sign to alert customers as to what number is currently being served. This eliminates the need for overhead paging or shouting out the current customer number. Streamline your customer experience with a Silent Page Transmitter and Wireless Numeric LED display.

5 Watt UHF Amplifier

Increase the coverage area of your Silent Page Paging Transmitter by adding a 5 watt UHF Amplifier. Allow your customer to roam freely without worry as the amplifier will boost your signal up to a two mile (Clear Line of Site) radius.
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