Individual Paddle Pagers

Individual Paddle Pagers for Medical

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  • Tone, vibrate, and flashed (6 LED) alert • Over the air ” off “

  • Each charger can hold up to 10 Paddle Pagers

  • Each adapter can connect up to 4 chargers(option)

  • 4 addresses (with four functions per address)

  • Programmable Alert type

  • Ni-MH Rechargeable battery

  • Synthesized

  • Guest paging

  • PC Programmable

  • Advertisement Area Available

  • Paddle Pager with rechargeable batteries

  • Paddle Pager charger stand with power adapter

  • Programmer


  • One Desk Charger for 10 paddle pagers.

  • Extend with additional chargers.

  • One adapter can be used for desk chargers.

  • Pager will turn off and charge at the same time when it is put in any slot of the desk charger and will turn on automatically when it is picked up.

  • Please see our Paddle Pager Bundle for Medical which includes 10 paddle pagers, a transmitter and a charging base.

Product Number: 2199

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