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28″ Alphanumeric Wireless LED

The Inter Page LED display Sign is an alphanumeric paging receiver that displays scrolling data sent from any of our Desktop paging transmitters or with the Paging Software. They are reliable, bright, and most of all, noticeable. LED’s have the capability of toggling between multiple messages at once, and have the option to display time and date.

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Wireless LED Pager Display Signs

  • 28″ Alphanumeric Wireless LED
  • The LED Display signs receive messages like a standard pager.
  • Send Custom Alphanumeric Messages automatically from NurseCall Systems,
  • Emergency Alert Systems & Alarm Panels. Use Inter Page’s Enterprise 101
  • Software to send a message from any PC.
  • Use Inter Page’s SilentPage Alpha Desktop Transmitter with keyboard to send alpha messages to any LED Sign up to a one mile open air range.
  • Selectable scroll speeds.
  • Memory will hold up to 24 messages.
  • Selectable audio alert for each message.
  • Internal Clock (Optional)

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