Portable Silentpage Transmitter

Portable Silentpage Transmitter

  • Are a one touch solution to alert an alphanumeric or numeric pager instantly.

  • Portable Wireless Transmitters comes in 4- button, and 8-button models.

  • Each button is programmed to send a specific preprogrammed message to a pager.

  • The preprogrammed messages can be as long as 130 alpha or 2000 numeric characters.

Portable Wireless Transmitter – 1 Button (Product Number 1160A)
Portable Wireless Transmitter – 4 Button (Product Number 1160B)
Portable Wireless Transmitter – 8 Button (Product Number 1160C)
Programmer (Optional) (Product Number 1160D)

Silent Page Numeric Transmitter w/Telephone Interface (DTMF) (Part Number 1164D)

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