School and University Pagers

Schools & Universities

Inter Page offers a variety of on-site paging solutions that will enhance communication on your campus. Our Wireless Paging Systems use state of the art technology in order to deliver information quickly and efficiently. Increase your staff’s productivity, eliminate overhead paging and promote a quiet environment. The best part of our many wireless paging systems is “NO MONTHLY FEE”.

Paging Software

Being able to communicate with the members of your staff “on the fly” is extremely important to your business. The Enterprise 101 windows based paging software will be a benefit to your organization by enabling you to communicate with your staff discretely. Messages are sent to onsite pagers, smart phones or Alphanumeric LED Displays located strategically throughout the campus.

Alphanumeric Desktop Paging Systems

The Silent Page Alpha Desktop paging systems is an excellent tool to communicate quietly with your school staff without interrupting classes.

Portable Silent Page Transmitter

The portable silent page transmitter is a small hand held unit that’s available in 1, 4, and 8 buttons. This unit has the capability of transmitting a pre-programmed alphanumeric or numeric message to a single pager or a group of pagers.

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