Pharmacy Pagers


Inter Page Pharmacy Wireless Paging Systems allow pharmacies to give customers the best care and protection they deserve. Our paging system will allow the pharmacy to notify customers quietly and discretely when their prescriptions are ready. In an environment where every second counts, our wireless paging systems provide fast, reliable and efficient communication for the healthcare industry. Responsible healthcare facilities use our wireless paging technology to provide excellent customer care. The best part of our many wireless paging systems is there are NO MONTHLY FEE’S.

Coaster Pagers

Many Pharmacies are using the Inter Page Wireless Coaster Paging System to notify patients, quietly and efficiently when their prescriptions are ready. Patients will have the freedom to walk away from the waiting area and roam about the store making purchases while they wait for the prescriptions to be filled. The Wireless Paging Solution will increase your retail sales while reducing congestion in the pharmacy area.

Paddle Pagers

The Inter Page Wireless Paddle Paging System is use by Pharmacies to notify patients when their prescriptions area ready. The Paddle pager has an advertising insert that allows pharmacies to advertise newly release prescription drugs, coupons discounts, promotions, etc.

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