Manufacturing Pagers


In an environment where every second counts, our wireless paging systems provide fast, reliable and efficient communication for any type of industry. Many manufacturing facilities use our wireless paging technology to streamline their manufacturing process. The best part of our wireless paging solutions is there are NO MONTHLY FEE’S.

Paging Software

Our paging systems and software integrate seamlessly with many types of equipment found in the manufacturing environment.

The Enterprise 101 paging software is a server/client package that will enhance your Operational Productivity by allowing you to deliver messages from your Desktop PC to ON-Site pagers, Wide Area Pagers, LED Displays and most email addressable devices.

The Interface Paging Software can monitor Fire panels, PLC’s, assembly line equipment, and provide text based messages to onsite alphanumeric pagers, LED displays, and smart phones, 

Z500 UHF Paging Transmitter

The Inter Page Z500 is a powerful 5-watt UHF paging transmitter that will interface with any software capable of delivering a data string via serial port using any of the following communication protocols: TAP, COMP1, COMP2, and SCOPE. The transmitter has a pager data base with capability of 9999 pager addresses and can deliver messages to alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, desktop pagers and LED Displays.

LED Displays

The Inter Page LED display is an alphanumeric paging receiver that displays scrolling data sent from any of our Desktop paging transmitters or with the Paging Software. They are reliable, bright, and most of all, noticeable.

Paging Amplifiers

Many manufacturing facilities are very large in size. Our paging amplifiers are the solution to coverage issues. Combined with strategically placed antennas our 100 watt amplifier can cover up to” one million square feet”.  The amplifiers are available from 5 watts to 170 watts of power.  

DV 64 Alarm Panel

The DV 64 adds Value and Functionality to your business. Improve response time, eliminate false alarms, and reduce cost associated with shutdowns. The Inter Page DV 64 Alarm Interface is a Text Messaging Device that monitors information from critical operating systems, such as Fire Alarms, Heating/Cooling Failures, etc. The DV 64 has the capability to deliver the messages to a pager, LED Displays, or multiple pagers. It is equipped with 64 Dry or Wetted Voltage Inputs. Each input is defined with a selectable priority that will be paged before those with less priority. The DV 64 has the capability to be expanded with the DV 64 Expansion Module, which will add 64 additional inputs per module.

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