General Healthcare Paging Systems

Medical Pagers

In an environment where every second counts our wireless paging systems provide fast, reliable and efficient communication for the healthcare industry. Responsible healthcare facilities use our wireless paging technology to provide excellent patient care. The best part of our many wireless paging systems is “NO MONTHLY FEE”!

Paging Software

Our paging systems and software integrate seamlessly with nurse call systems such as Jeron, TekTone, GE, Roam Alert and many more. They provide text based messages to onsite Alphanumeric Pagers, LED Signs, smart phones, wide area pagers and most email addressable devices.

Staff Call Paging System

Staff Paging Systems such as the 9 button exam room call or the 16 button exam room call are used by doctors to notify staff when help is needed. With a simple push of a button help is summoned in two seconds or less with detailed information as to who and what type of help is needed in the exam room. Messages are received on alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, LED signs, and desktop pagers.

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