Auto Dealership Pagers

Auto Dealership Pagers

Enhance Customer Service, Improve Staff Communication and Increase your profits with our Wireless Messaging Solutions. Improve your customers’ experience while they wait with the Inter Page wireless pagers. Send them a simple page with a beep or vibrating alert when their vehicle is ready. No wasting time searching for customers and no more long lines at the service counters, a simple page is all it takes.

Coaster Pagers

Our On-site Z15 Coaster Pagers are reliable, easy to use, and quick to respond. Your customers will have the freedom to visit the sales floor or walk to the outside lot to check out the New Car Inventory. The result is a more satisfying customer experience.

Silent Page II Numeric Transmitter

The Inter Page Silent Page Desktop Numeric system is an excellent tool for your automobile business. It will improve communication with your staff. Send a numeric message to your sales, or service staff anywhere within your premises. The numeric system works well with the REC10 Rechargeable Numeric pagers. The REC10 numeric pagers comes with a charging base that hold up to 10 pagers.

Paging Software

Being able to communicate with the members of your staff quickly and efficiently is extremely important to your business. The Enterprise 101 windows base paging software will benefit your Automobile business by streamlining the communications between staff and customers. It enables you to communicate with your staff discretely with a text message to an Alphanumeric Pager, a Coaster Pager, a smart phone, and most email addressable devices. In addition, you can send a message to an LED Display Sign announcing a sales promotion or a welcoming greeting to your customers.

LED Displays Signs

The Inter Page LED display Sign is an alphanumeric paging receiver that displays scrolling data sent from any of our Desktop paging transmitters or with the Paging Software. They are reliable, bright, and most of all, noticeable. LED’s have the capability of toggling between multiple messages at once, and have the option to display time and date.


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