Assisted Living Facility Pagers

Nurse Call Pendants

Many assisted Living facilities use our wireless nurse call pendants to provide a fast and reliable method of communication between staff and residents. The wireless nurse call pendants can be worn around the neck or strategically located throughout the resident’s room providing maximum coverage. Imagine the peace of mind a resident will have with a pendant at their bedside, around their neck and one in their bathroom. Simply pressing the button on the pendant transmits a message to an alphanumeric pager, numeric pager, LED sign, Desktop Pager or even a computer monitor by incorporating the Paging Data Receiver and message logging software. 

DV 64 Alarm Panel Interface

The DV 64 adds Value and Functionality to your business, improves response time, eliminates false alarms, and reduces cost associated with shutdowns. The Inter Page DV 64 Alarm Interface is a Text Messaging Device that monitors information from critical operating systems, such as Fire Alarms, Heating/Cooling Failures, etc. The DV 64 has the capability to deliver the messages to a pager, LED Displays, or multiple pagers. It is equipped with 64 Dry or Wetted Voltage Inputs. Each input is defined with a selectable priority that will be paged before those with less priority. The DV 64 has the capability to be expanded with the DV 64 Expansion Module, which will add 64 additional inputs per module.

LED Displays

The Inter Page LED display is an alphanumeric paging receiver that displays scrolling data sent from any of our Desktop paging transmitters or with the Paging Software. They are reliable, bright, and most of all, noticeable.

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