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D/V-64 is a Text Messaging Device that monitors information from critical operating systems and machines and delivers it to people who need it.

Dry Contact / Wetted Voltage Inputs: D/V-64 is equipped with 64 dry or wetted voltage inputs. User defined messages of up to 80 characters are sent to a designated message receiver when there is a status change on any of the inputs.

Critical System Information and Events are delivered to widely available and well accepted wireless messaging tools. Users of portable messaging devices such as pagers, cell phones. Information can also be received on electronic display boards (LED).

D/V-64 Alarm Monitoring System

D/V-64EM Expanded Units – 64 points each (as extensions of Maser Unit D/V-64
The expansion modules may be connected to the main unit to increase the quantity of inputs up to 1,024 points Expansion modules are connected via a 3 wired RS-485 connection. (Part Number 6301)

D/V-64RM Connection to Master Unit for dialing to remotely located paging terminal

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