A new study posted by the Ponemon Institute suggests that a number of hospitals throughout the U.S. are using outdated communications software that ends up costing them millions. Besides wasting money, the antiquated methods of communication have been shown to decrease productivity as well as waste significant amounts of time. It’s important that in a hospital setting, both time and money are important entities to preserve. According to the study, the healthcare industry as a whole is behind on the methods it uses to communicate. It’s important that hospitals and other facilities where people’s lives are on the line take great care when it comes to the way in which they communicate throughout the organization. There are a number of different types of efficient paging software that can be used in order to streamline productivity as well as ensure that communications run smoothly without any “hiccups”. If your organization does not have an effective way to communicate throughout, it may be time to examine the benefits of wireless paging software.

Wireless paging software isn’t just a great communications solution for hospitals; it’s good for nearly any large organization. This includes hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, casinos and hotels. If you work in a large facility, you understand the challenges that the size of the building can have when it comes to the effectiveness of the way in which you communicate with your staff or co-workers. Wireless paging software is a great communications solution that allows the process of getting your message to the right person to be streamlined. The software utilizes radio signals, allowing your communications to be delivered instantly. There is no interference with cell phones and you have the ability to monitor and manage people without ever having to actually see them (if you don’t want to). Another benefit of using wireless paging software is that you can cut down on any security risks that you may have had due to the lack of communication in the past. This is particularly important for casinos, where there is often a wide variety of people that need to be monitored and very few ways to do so without hiring a full time security detail.

Another reason why it’s good to have wireless paging software at your business is because it is extremely cost effective. Most communications systems are outdated and cost way too much money to install. Wireless paging software is affordable and just so happens to be the best means to communicating throughout t large facility. If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to installing wireless paging software, visit our website and let us know how we can help you.